9 Divi Plugins to Improve the Look of Your Website

Thanks to the many plugins available it’s easy to add a new look and new features to Divi without having to code them yourself. In this article we’ll take a look at 9 Best Divi plugins to improve the look of your website. 1. DTS Blog Module Pro DTS Blog Module Pro adds a new […]

Thanks to the many plugins available it’s easy to add a new look and new features to Divi without having to code them yourself. In this article we’ll take a look at 9 Best Divi plugins to improve the look of your website.

1. DTS Blog Module Pro

dts blog module pro divi plugin

DTS Blog Module Pro adds a new module to the Divi Builder that gives your blog pages a brand new design with several layout options. It includes a custom category tag at the top of the image, meta box, social sharing buttons, etc., and adds several custom widgets to match. It includes 12 new customizer options and archive pages with a blog layout for categories, tags, author, and search results. The plugin also includes an options page. Your blog posts will definitely stand out from the crowd.

Price: $20 | More Information

2. Fullwidth Header Extended

fullwidth header extended

Fullwidth Header Extended is a module with lots of header options. Titles have 5 effects including typing, rotator, textillate, TextGIF, and shuffle. Background effects include particles, gradients, animation, Ken Burns, interactive, and animated. A “slicey” effect replicates backgrounds. Place subheadings before or after the title. It includes 49 animations, video and content popups, text gradients, and lots more. Headers created with this plugin will be noticed.

Price: $25 | More Information

3. Image Intense

image intense divi plugin

Image Intense adds a new module to the Divi Builder that incorporates features from Divi’s Image, Text, and Button modules and adds some UI/UX enhancements. Features include 22 different image hover effects, mix blend modes, opacity settings, buttons, links, etc. It’s a great choice for creating CTA’s (call to action) and links to pages, galleries, projects, and portfolios. It also works with Extra.

Price: $25 | More Information

4. Page Builder Everywhere

page builder everywhere divi plugin

Page Builder Everywhere extends the locations where you can add Divi layouts on your website. Add layouts above and below the header, above and below the content, and within the footer. It adds a new set of features to the Theme Customizer to customize those layout locations. It also builds 404 pages, category pages, search pages, archive pages, WooCommerce product pages, and lets you use it on custom post types and sidebars.

Price: $14 | More Information

5. Divi Timeline Module

divi timeline module plugin

Divi Timeline Module adds several new modules (featured image, post title, and content) to the Divi Builder to create timelines with various features. Build a timeline by adding elements to the line one at a time, or by adding blog posts, pages, media, and projects. Add icons or numbers to the timeline, customize colors, change the layout, animation, post type, number of posts to display, pagination, taxonomy, post offset, and admin label.

Price: $11 | More Information

6. Divi Staff

divi staff

Divi Staff adds grid and filterable grid modules to the Divi Builder with new post types to display your company’s staff and departments. New meta boxes show the staff’s position title, phone number, email, and addresses. It includes several archive page templates to display meta data such as phone numbers and position titles. It also includes new Theme Customizer settings to customize your archive pages.

Price: $20 | More Information

7. Automatic Divi Testimonials

automatic testimonials divi plugin

Automatic Divi Testimonials adds a new module to manage and display your testimonials. Create testimonials separately, or allow them to be uploaded by visitors through a form, and then choose which and how many to show within the module. Style the module instead of individual testimonials, and style the form. Display your testimonials in 1 to 4 columns. Receive submission notifications by email.

Price: $16 | More Information

8. Divi Booster

divi booster

Divi Booster adds hundreds of small options to Divi. Make small changes to virtually every element of your layout, such as sizes, colors, new features, etc. New customization options are added to many modules. Most changes are made by selecting a color or inputting a value in the plugin’s dashboard menu. You can even add your own footer text or HTML. It adds social icons which you can style in the Theme Customizer.

Price: $19 | More Information

9. Divi Switch

divi switch

Divi Switch gives you lots of new adjustments in the form of switches that you can enable or disable. Choose a new menu style, add section separators, display blog archives in two columns, change the shape of portfolio images, etc. One of the most interesting features is its CSS animations and filters. It also includes slider effects. A few settings require you to copy and paste some CSS, but it shows you how. A few advanced options are added to the Theme Customizer.

Price: $19 | More Information

Final Thoughts

Sometimes a few small changes here and there can make a big difference in your Divi website. Changing the look of your website is easy to do with Divi plugins. The plugins on this list include lots of adjustments and customizations to help make your Divi website stand out from the crowd.

We want to hear from you. Have you tried these plugins for Divi? Let us know what you think about them in the comments.

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  • Sinoun

    Great and helpful list! Thank you!

  • Anton

    Thanks, good list of quality plugins. Do you prefer PBE over the various Injectors or are they different products? I never had the chance to try either of them and I'm done with waiting for a native search page and category page builder (unbelievable Divi doesn't feature this).

  • Terry Hale

    Great list, and thanks for the Image Intense shout out! <3

  • Divi Agency

    Great and list. Thanks

  • carisamonet39

    Is there a customer support? I just ordered 2 plugins and there is nothing in my downoad file. I do see something in the API download section... do I use that? And if so I tried to import that and it is saying something about I need to upload JSON file. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

      • Guilherme Fonseca

        Hi Carisa! I hope you are having a good day! You'll find your download link on the API Downloads tab, after download the .zip file you'll just need to install on your divi site. WP admin dashboard > Plugins > Add new > Upload Plugin Tks for your comment!

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