• Framework: Custom Code
  • Category: 3rd Party Plugin
  • Type: Multi Purpose
  • By: Monterey Premier

Page Builder Everywhere


Use the Divi Page Builder to create header, footers, sidebars and static pages like archives, 404, search and product pages.

Apply logic to your new layouts such as:

Only show on Archive Pages IF user is logged in

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Product Description

Page Builder Everywhere is a plugin for extending the Divi Page Builder outside of it’s usual usage. PBE let’s you create your own headers, footer & sidebars, as well as pushing layouts to areas you couldn’t before, such as category pages, archives, search pages, 404 error pages & custom post types such as WooCommerce pages.

We’ve added five new builder areas. Moving layouts into them is as easy as drag & drop.


Use the built in customizer for extra formatting options such as hiding the sections above the header when scrolling.


Use multi-layered logic to decide when and where your new layouts are shown. Show different sections for different categories or for logged in and logged out users. Different menus for different parts of your site? Easy!


If you know how to use the Divi Page Builder then you already know how to use this plugin. Just follow the installation instructions and then head to the Divi Library in the theme options to start making edits to your header, footer, sidebar and non-standard pages.

Placing things like opt-in forms, cookie notices or welcome messages above the menu just got super easy. Adding any one of the amazing builder modules absolutely anywhere is now possible in seconds.


  1. Download and install the zip file as with any normal plugin.
  2. Head to the Appearance > Widgets and drag the ‘Divi Layout’ widget into any of the 5 layout areas (or any other widget area for that matter).
  3. Pick your layout, where you want it to go and when you want it to go there.


Q. I had the old PBE, why wasn’t this an automatic update?

A. PBE has been completely rebuilt. If this was provided as an automatic update it would have melted your website and killed your cat.

Q: Will this work on non-divi page templates?

A: Oh yeah it will. Better yet, it will auto discover new templates and add them to the logic dropdowns.


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