Google Analytics is by far the most widespread stat tracking software. It’s free, relatively easy to setup, and works for just about everyone. But under the surface, the mainstream program can be buggy and inaccurate. Simple mistakes can lead to disaster. If you’re not impressed with Google’s services, there are plenty of similar programs out there. Stats

tracking with wordpress com

Bundled with the popular Jetpack plugin, this tool is great to get off on the right foot. There’s not too much functionality, so you may want something with a little bit more. But if all you care about are a few simple graphs and a view counter, it does just fine.


Slimstat Analytics

tracking with slimstats wp

If you need something a little more comprehensive, Slimstat may be the lightweight WordPress analytics tool that you need. With its own set of apps and plugins, this is perfect for bloggers who need an internal solution with plenty of customization. The downside, though, is that some features are only available through premium plugins.



tracking with kisssmetrics

Marketers interested in tracking customer behavior will love this. Kissmetrics is all about learning and profiling your users so you can boost conversions and give better offers. However, it’s very, very expensive. For a more affordable but similar program, try FoxMetrics.



tracking with gauges wp

Gauge’s main draw is how easy it is to use. Real-time analytics that aren’t confusing is a big plus. It’s pretty cheap, but all important features are included. One problem, though, is that it shares some of Google Analytics’ flaws — visitor disabled Javascript? They’re invisible.



tracking with piwik on wp

Kicking off the list is the feature-rich Piwik. This open source application is free and claims no ownership over the data it collects. You can either install it on your own server or purchase a cloud server to host it on. Real time data is a major perk, along with a mobile app.

The only downside is that it can be a bit hard to work with. That dashboard is a bit overwhelming. In addition, newbies may have trouble installing Piwik on their own.



tracking with clicky

Clicky’s main perk is its real-time reporting. Unlike Google Analytics, which can be off by up to 24 hours, each detail is updated as soon as a user takes an action.

This program is free with registration and easy to integrate with most major CMS platforms, such as WordPress. You can also install it manually onto your server. Unfortunately, tracking multiple websites or exceeding too many pageviews costs money, and not all features are free.



tracking with woopra wp

Woopra is an all-in-one program where you can track your site, apps, and emails, from one place. In addition, customer profiles examine individual actions in extreme detail. The pricing model is based on “actions per month”, rather than page view count, and a generous free plan is included. While Woopra has little in the way of downsides, being able to track user actions may not be what your website needs.


Decisions, Decisions…

Now that you know your options, it’s time to decide which of these would be best for you. Open source fans will fall in love with Piwik, while marketers have their choice of Woopra and KissMetrics. With the strong targets these tools have, narrowing it down should be easy. Good luck!


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